Photo credit: Kevin O'Connor

We are all looking for a place to seek out answers to the deepest of life's questions.

Wherever you are in your search for guidance, direction, and purpose for your life, we believe you'll find something relevant and meaningful here at MCCRE.

We seek to deepen our spiritual journeys and walk closer with our God while leaving room for the many different ways in which we understand God.

We want to welcome you to our worship service or invite you to participate in some of the ways we serve the larger community. Both are at the heart of the life of our church.

Feel free to explore the rest of our website and we hope to meet you in person soon.

There is New Life in the Soil for every person.
There is healing in the River and the Trees for tired minds
and for overburdened spirits.
There is strength in the Hills, if only we will lift up our eyes.
Remember that Nature is your great Restorer.
—Coolidge 1924